Meet your Matcha

We’ve all had green tea before, are we right? Matcha is just that, it’s green tea.

Enough said? Naw, if you’re like us, it’s in your DNA to get the dirt. So let’s dig deeper. Just like you would on your first Tinder date.

 Where’d ya grow up?

Our Matcha is organic shade grown, ceremonial grade Matcha, made in small batches, de-stemmed, and never over processed. Why? Because you deserve nothing but the best. Leave the bitterness for your ex; Third Base is never bitter tasting. This can come from poor quality Matcha that’s heated, over processed and/or made with the stems vs. just the leaves. Remember, you’re better than that, so expect nothing but the quality you deserve from Third Base.

Tell us more

Unlike regular green tea, which is made by steeping green tea leaves in hot water; when it comes to Matcha you’re ingesting the whole leaf. That’s right. You’re taking it all in. All that juicy goodness. You’re getting an insane amount of nutrients like fiber, chlorophyll and antioxidants from this green powder, so do us a favor and get rid of that green tea bag(gage). 

What’s in it for me?

Energy. Clarity. Focus. We could leave it there, but since we’re here we’ll fill you in.

Matcha naturally contains caffeine, but what makes this source of caffeine unique is that it’s paired with an amino acid L-theanine. Studies have shown that L-theanine significantly increases activity in the alpha frequency band.

 Ok hold up, what does that mean? Long story short, it relaxes the mind without making you feel drowsy[1]. Basically, you’re getting energized, while maintaining a clear focused mind. Is your mind blown? Ours is. But in a cool calm and collected way, obviously.


Glad you swiped right? Us too. 


[1] Nobre, A. C., Rao, A., & Owen, G. N. (n.d.). L-theanine, a natural constituent in tea, and its effect on mental state. Retrieved November 27, 2017, from 

L-theanine significantly increases activity in the alpha frequency band which indicates that it relaxes the mind without inducing drowsiness.







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